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Aloo Tikki (V) (VG)

Delicious potato-and-sweetcorn-bonded-with-tapioca cutlets, layered with our own tamarind dates and coriander chutney and topped with crispy sev – a creation of our own proprietor

£8.00 / £9.00 / £9.50

Kathi Rolls

From the streets of Calcutta (OK, Kolkota if you insist) spicy mixture of vegetables rolled in a paratha with your choice of

  • Paneer (cottage cheese) (V)

  • Tender chicken

  • Slow cooked lamb


Sev puri (V) (VG)

flat crispy ours topped with spicy chutneys, onions and fresh coriander


Gol gappa (pani puri) (V) (VG)

crispy puris with tasty potato & chickpea filling dipped into spiced water

Mrs Suud’s bread rolls (V)

you won’t find these anywhere else in the world. Fried milk-dipped bread wrapping a spicy potato mix


Bhel (V) (VG)

puffed rice topped with spicy chutneys, potatoes and onions


Jaipur bhindi (V) (VG)

okra fried in spiced gram flour batter


Kale salad (V) (VG)

healthy delicious kale salad with fresh orange and crushed pistachio

Ragda Pattis (V) (VG) £4.50

healthy and delicious kale salad loaded with fresh orange and crushed pistachio




Paneer tikka (V)

slow fried cottage cheese cubes marinated in tikka masala roasted in the tandoor


Lamb seekh kebabs

spicy minced lamb kebabs grilled to perfection!


Grilled prawns

tongue-tingling slow cooked prawns

Multani mushrooms (V) (VG)

grilled spicy mushrooms prepared in the way of Multan, a city in Punjab of present day Pakistan


Lamb chops

our signature dish, just try it


Fish tikka

white fish cooked in a tandoori marinade




Black pepper chicken tikka

traditional chicken tikka further coated with black pepper


Chingri (prawns) malai

Bengali-style prawns cooked in spices and coconut milk

Jeera chicken £10.20

succulent chicken infused with generous portions of jeera (cumin)


curries, rice based and breads


Daal makhani (V)

Punjabi whole black lent cooked to perfection with cream and butter

Channa masala (V) (VG) £8.00

chickpeas in a tangy spicy sauce topped with fresh ginger

Uppu chicken £11.00

You simply have to try this - succulent chicken cooked in a special Tamil style, spicy but not ‘ott’


Palak paneer (V)

creamy spiced spinach gravy with cubed cottage cheese

Saag aaloo (V) (VG) £10.80

creamy saag with potatoes

Laal maas £14.00

From the durbaars of Rajasthan, a fiery red lamb curry cooked in yoghurt and chillies for those that like it hot!


Butter chicken

tandoori chicken cooked in a creamy buttery sauce

Mattar paneer (V) £10.80

Green peas cooked in a tomato, onion and garlic with sauce cubed cottage cheese

Rogan gosht £14.00

From the Himalayan state of Kashmir, originating from Persian kitchens, a rich butter lamb stew

£9.00 / £9.50 / £10.50 / £2.50

Dum Hyderabadi biryani

culinary treasure from Moghul kitchens, your choice of vegetables, chicken or lamb with layers of fluffy rice, fragrant spices & caramelised onions

  • Vegetables (V)

  • Chicken

  • Lamb

Steamed basmati rice


£2.50 / £3.00 / £3.20 / £2.00

Tandoori naan - plain (V) (VG)

Tandoori naan - garlic (V) (VG)

Tandoori naan - chilli cheese (V) (VG)

Tandoori roti (V)







Mint, cucumber and onion raita

Extra chutney

Kachumber salad




coming soon : weekend brunch

(s) £tbc (L) £tbc

Watch this space for an exciting weekend brunch menu coming soon

watch this space


For the sweet

For after the sweet




Kulfi - malai pistachio or mango

Kaala (black) jamun

Fresh orange with cinnamon

Masala chai

English breakfast

Green tea

Coffee - Americano

Coffee – espresso

Coffee – cappuccino