Music, food and drink - with an international twist - is what we do best. Blending these three cultural forms from around the world, we invite you to share our vision of building bridges through an understanding of our common heritage as humans. We extend the jukebox concept of sharing music to food and to everything else that we do. 



We promote music from all corners of the world to the multi-cultural audiences of London. From the beats of Brazil to the sways of the Middle East, from the melody of the Senegalese kora to the rhythm of the desert blues of Mali, we invite you to share the journey. We work with small medium or large venues, ensuring always that the musical experience is what it’s about.

At our own intimate venue at a location soon to be confirmed, we will represent a breadth and depth of music from startup singer-songwriters to string ensembles and jazzy swings.

See our past events to see what's been on so far. 


Coming soon - Food.

Street food and sharing platters will be at the core of our food offering. Starting off with a distinctly Indian flavour, and away from the traditional fare, from the streets of Calcutta to the shores of Bombay, will be our starting point. 

We have begged borrowed and stolen our favourite recipes, whether they are chutneys from our own mothers’ kitchens, or nostalgic school snacks, we offer the real taste of India. Who knows where else this adventure will take us.